Globe theatre essay

Picture of the outside of the reconstructed Globe.

Globe theatre essay

Globe Theatre In the cobblestone roadways and roughly built playhouses, an extraordinary development took place in England in the s. At that time, a burst of literary accomplishments arose that was never before seen in the history of the theater.

In the all-new idea of theaters, playwrights lifted the Elizabethan Theater to new heights. Men like Shakespeare Globe theatre essay Christopher Marlowe dared to write plays about real people in a variety of real situations.

Audiences expressed their pleasure by demanding more and more plays. The public shared a great deal of interest in the theaters and playwrights of this time.


People from all over the city of London would travel to experience the dramatic feel of the Elizabethan Theater. The theater was a very important aspect of Elizabethan life in the medieval ages. Many people were poor tenant farmers, often living at the mercy of wealthy landowners.

People threw trash of all kinds into streets, and tolerated fleas, lice, and rats in their homes and clothing.

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Elizabethans sought relief from their harsh lives by attending plays and other forms of entertainment, which made the theater so important to Elizabethan culture. There were many theaters in Elizabethan times, all very similar to each other.

However, when William Shakespeare began writing playwrights, the final production was so exceptional, that no other person could compare. With this, Shakespeare was mainly centered at one theater, The Globe.

With the popularity of playwrights in the middle ages, the theaters themselves were popular as well.

Globe theatre essay

By the late s, performances were becoming expensive, shutting out the non-payers. By the late s, there were over a dozen theaters in the immediate London area. For years, this one individual theater acted as the center of the town, where the most famous plays were shown.

But inthe lease on the land on which The Theatre sat expired and the owner of the land would not renew the lease. After ten months of rebuilding, the theater was later renamed as The Globe in The Globe Theatre was rebuilt primarily for the fall of the previous theater.

The theater was three stories high, one-hundred feet in diameter, and could hold as many as 2, patrons if desired.

Globe theatre essay

The architecture of The Globe was very unique. There was no roof over the actual theater. There was however a thatched roof over the stage. The use of a roof over the stage was not only to protect the performers from the weather, but to improve acoustics as well. The stage in itself was rectangular and extended into the middle of the auditorium.

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Various trapdoors were cut in the center of the stage, through which an actor might disappear or leap forth, as the action demanded. Here is where the actors dressed for the plays. Individual dressing rooms were not a feature of Elizabethan playhouses, so actors were to dress in whatever open space they could find.

Yowell 16 The Globe Theater was the home to one of the most honored writers of the time, William Shakespeare. Here, Shakespeare wrote, rehearsed, and performed his plays.

The Globe was almost always filled to its capacity with people. Thus, it was so filled that it was near impossible to move about once inside. In Elizabethan times, people were known not to bathe frequently. With close to 3, patrons all rubbing against each other, the stench was quite horrendous.

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Hornell 30 Holes in the roof over the stage were constructed to let more wind in, and the stench of dirty bodies out.An essay or paper on "The Globe Theater".

The Globe Theater is probably the most important structure in Shakespeare's dramatic career. Built in by the Chamberlain's Company, it stood on the Southern shore of the Thames River in London.

At this time Shakespeare was a member of the Chamberlain's Company, and therefore he became a shareho. Although Shakespeare's plays were performed at other venues during the playwright's career, the Globe Theatre in the Southwark district of London was the venue at which the Bard's best known stage.

Read this History Other Essay and over 88, other research documents. The Globe Theater. The Globe Theater The Globe Theater was probably the most famous as well as the most important theater in /5(1).

The Globe Theatre's popularity was so great at the time that the Theatre was known throughout the world by the 's.

Unfortunately the theatre burnt down on . The Globe Theater Everyone knows who William Shakespeare is but, what they probably don’t know is that he basically invented theater. He built this theater into a globe shape thus giving it.

The Globe Theatre “I believe that in a great city, or even in a small city or a village, a great theater is the outward and visible sign of an inward and probable culture” (Laurence Olivier).

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